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The Collection

6   bottles
37.483333333333€ PER BOTTLE Total : 224.90€
Shipping costs not included

The Collection will allow you to discover all the cuvées of our range. You will appreciate the aromas and flavors of our different champagnes to accompany you whatever the time of the evening. During the aperitif or during a meal with family, with friends, you will have the opportunity to taste one of our bottles and propose the perfect pairing of food and champagne.

Thanks to this collection, you will travel during your evening between the freshness of Brut Nature, the madness of Brut Dixvin, the greed of our Brut Dixtingué, the character of our 100% Pinot Noir and the finesse of our rare cuvée of 100% Pinot Blanc.

Delicacies & champagne
  • 1 bottle "Brut Nature"
  • 1 bottle "Brut Dixvin"
  • 1 bottle "Brut Dixtingué"
  • 1 bottle "100% Pinot Noir"
  • 1 bottle "100% Pinot Blanc"
  • + the exclusive bottle of the moment

Our little tips

  • Aperitif : Brut Nature/Brut Dixvin/100% Pinot Blanc
  • Fish : Brut Dixtingué/ 100% Pinot Blanc
  • Meat : 100% Pinot Noir / Brut Dixvin
  • Cheese : Brut Nature / 100% Pinot Noir
  • Dessert : Brut Dixtingué

Our producers

In this collection that we offer you, you will find all of our producers with very distinct profiles: one is bold, the second is hedonistic, the third is passionate and the last is authentic. But still, what brings them together above all remains the love for their product, and the work well done.